Endless Hair Colors. Uniquely You.

Discover a world of infinite hair colors uniquely tailored for you. From captivating highlights to mesmerizing lowlights, embrace the artistry of balayage and indulge in the possibilities of extensions and more. Unleash your inner style, and let your hair tell a beautiful story.

Julia Mabel

Where Natural Beauty Meets Color & Confidence!

I believe in celebrating your individual style with a range of services that offer you the opportunity to express yourself through color, texture, length, and more.

I provide a variety of hair services to meet your needs and enhance your natural beauty. Whether you are looking for a subtle trim or an entirely new look, I will work with you to create the perfect style that reflects your unique personality. With expertise in all aspects of hair care, I take pride in offering you the latest techniques, personalized attention, and the highest quality products. From vibrant colors to special treatments, I guarantee that I can create a look that will make you feel beautiful from the inside out! 

Visit me today for a new look or just to touch up your current style – it’s time to let your hair shine! Contact us to book an appointment and transform your locks into a work of art. 

Beautiful Color, Cut, and Care

Take your locks to the next level with my signature services – perfect for all hair types! My color and cut techniques will bring out the best in your hair while special treatments keep it looking its best. Find out more about my range of services below.

Expert Advice and Guidance

As a colorist, I possess the knowledge and expertise to offer personalized recommendations and expert advice on hair care. Whether it’s maintaining your hair color, nourishing your hair between visits, or simply helping you look and feel your best, I am here to assist you beyond your salon experience. 

Boosting Your Confidence

Indulging in a salon visit is an instant confidence booster! Get ready for a remarkable transformation as your look is refreshed, your natural features enhanced, and you soak in a truly rejuvenating experience. You’ll leave feeling like a whole new you! 


Coloring your hair becomes an exquisite experience with us. I have all the necessary skills to bring your desired colors to life, all while preserving the health of your hair and nurturing your roots. Trust that I will be able to work my magic!

Hair Straightening

Unlock the secret to sleek, stunning hair! Experience the transformative power of my hair straightening techniques for smoother strands that radiate brilliance.


Achieve soft, sun-kissed highlights with the artistry of Balayage. If you're craving a refreshing transformation without the fuss of constant root touch ups or tedious styling routines, balayage might just be your ultimate go-to! 


Discover the flawless harmony between nourishment and length. Let me assist you in choosing the perfect haircut tailored to your hair type, face shape, and lifestyle. Get ready to radiate confidence like never before! 


Transform your locks into a dazzling masterpiece with stunning highlights, accentuating their natural radiance and adding an extra touch of elegance. Your hair deserves to shine!

Hair Keratin

Revitalize your hair from root to tip with Hair Keratin. Repair and nourish every strand, unveiling a rejuvenated appearance you'll love.


Get ready to steal the spotlight at your next big event with a stunning hairstyle! Let your hair do the talking and radiate with style and confidence.


Whether you're going for a barely-there natural look or full-on ultra glam, I also specialize in professional makeup. Get ready to look more amazing than ever before! 

Refer any of our services to your family/friends and receive a coupon with a 20% discount for your next appointment!

Meet Julia Mabel Cox! Master Stylist and Color Guru with Over 2 Decades of Experience

At Julia Mabel Salon, we prioritize customization, quality, and innovation, commitments that have brought happiness to thousands of clients who have trusted me to achieve their dream hairstyle, hair color, cut, and style.

We work with the latest techniques that help protect and care for your hair throughout the process of creation and transformation, ensuring that you look more beautiful, radiant, confident, and fashionable.

Our goal is to make you happy and help you look more spectacular than ever before.

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Julia Mabel Salon has meant more to me than just color, cuts, and care. Given my reality, I needed someone who understands me, someone who puts my needs first. I have had many gray hairs since I was 15, and it was time to embrace them. I needed to adapt to being blonde, and Julia understood and continues to understand and respect my personal style, my way of feeling comfortable in my day-to-day life. She has made it easy for me, and with her extensive experience, she broadens my perspective, prioritizing self-respect so that I can then adapt to what fashion or trends dictate.

Julia Mabel Salon is, to me, “Staying Current Without Losing My Essence.”

From the first day, her message struck me – your image is my passion, and she adds respect to her communication. Infinite thanks for our paths crossing.

Julia, you are a great professional.


Laura Laiz Vivani

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